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  • These quotes were expressed by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, in the context of the 1st. Reiki International Meeting of the city of Salta, Argentina, were collected by Sensei Fernando Prats Qochaorqohuataj, translated by David Williams Okuden and publication is expressly authorized by Phyllis Lei Furumoto.

"It's not about getting protection, or seeking protection, Reiki is about finding strength in our own vulnerability."

"Our function in Reiki, is to place our hands and allow the energy to flow, we do not need to know anything about the other person."

"Reiki practitioners tend to forget that Reiki is primarily for themselves."

"The difference between allopathic medicine and ancestral medicine is that in conventional medicine death is seen as the enemy. In ancestral medicine death is a part of life."

"-Is Reiki Unconditional Love?
- No, Reiki is much more than that. When we say that Reiki is unconditional love we are putting human aspects onto something that is vast and unknowable. We make Reiki smaller by using this term. Reiki can be expressed as unconditional love."

"Can you do Reiki to someone who did not ask for it?
-You have asked the question wrong, the right thing would be to ask: Why do you want to do Reiki to someone who doesn´t want it?"

"If you got a big need for service, serve those who want to be helped, there are many people in the world who want and accept to be assisted."

"Can you treat a situation through Reiki?-In any situation where there are people involved, it is preferable to treat the people and not the moment of that situation."

"Latin America has a very special feeling for what family means, and it has that approach in all aspects, through Reiki one can see how they integrate that way and it's wonderful. Someone's got to protect that, never lose that way of being yourselves."

"Not all people, babies or animals want to receive Reiki, everyone has their own path, that path must be HONORED."

"When people ask me where Reiki will lead them to and what the next step is, my answer is 'I do not know' Reiki always leaves you at the edge of a cliff and it makes you have the confidence to throw yourself off the cliff and fly."

"In 2009, I found out I had breast cancer, it was the best gift I could have given myself."




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